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Support Families & Children


Let's Make A Change

If you would rather give via mail, then please mail a check or money order to GSMYC, P.O. Box 1455, San Marcos, Texas, 78667.

PayPal and Venmo are other options to donate by searching “GSMYC”. However, Venmo does not charge a transaction fee unless you use a credit card.

Your very generous donation made a significant difference in the lives of children who have been abused and neglected. You can rest assured that the decision to share with those served in our shelter, as well as those children and families who are experiencing crisis, results in a minimum of .88 cents of every dollar spent to positively impact their lives.

In addition to the shelter, Hays County children and their families have access to programs provided in an effort to decrease the occurrences of abuse, neglect, running away, truancy, delinquency and other types of potentially damaging behavior. This is accomplished through family counseling, parenting classes, youth

skills-based groups, and anger management classes. Over 250 unduplicated children and their families receive these services with an overall effective rate of 87.5%. Your generosity has this kind of impact on families in your community.


Your donation to GSMYC is an investment, one that is used in an ethical and frugal manner as we provide safe shelter, positive youth development programs and family support services. There’s nothing more important than raising healthy, hard-working citizens who make positive contributions to society. We are grateful for your support of the work we do.

GSMYC will always use your generous support to fulfill our mission of sheltering children and strengthening families.


Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities available for individuals or groups seeking to volunteer with our organization. We often require the assistance of volunteers with our events throughout the year and have volunteer opportunities available in the Children’s Shelter as well.

Individuals interested in volunteering should fill out a volunteer application and either scan the handwritten application and e-mail it to, or submit the application in person.

Examples of Volunteer Activities Include

Sorting and Organizing Donations

Taking Children Outside for Recreational Activities

Assisting in Activities Related to Different Holidays

Mentoring Children Who Require Special Attention

Helping with Homework

Arts and Crafts

Transportation to Different Activities

Helping with Makeup and Nails

Sports Coaching

Assisting in Organizational Events


In Person

1402 N Interstate 35

San Marcos, TX 78666


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: (512) 754-0500

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